At USA Gold we are passionate about precious metals. We firmly believe that buying precious metals, in particular buying gold and silver is the ultimate way to preserve and grow your wealth. Buying gold in the USA has become more and more popular with seasoned investors and with the general populous. And there is good reason for it. The price of gold has risen by +300% in the past decade and the price of silver by +350%. Gold and Silver are expected to reach new heights in the coming years and at present owning either metal is seen by a growing number of people to be the most important asset to own. With the global economy the way it is, and with the continuous creation of fiat currency around the globe, adding to and diluting their purchasing power, buying gold and silver historically is the best way to combat this. Gold and silver are the original money, and the only true form of money because the paper dollar, pound or euro you have in your wallet is just that, a piece of paper. It’s only a promise, something you can use for exchange of goods or service. But what happens when that currency devalues at a faster rate than it’s currently produced? (Inflation erodes your purchasing power) We are all aware of the collapse of currencies. The German Mark for example became worthless overnight. The paper it was printed on was worth more than the currency itself. Think it won’t happen again ? Or to you ? That’s exactly what the Germans thought, and where did that leave them ? or at least the ones who didn’t have the foresight to offload their Marks before the collapse.. penniless!!

We have witnessed the collapse of major banks, and the huge bailout of countries, and what’s the one thing they all want to own ? Gold. China has been buying it by the boatload. There is a reason they are stockpiling their gold reserves. They are using the US dollars the bought when it was viewed as the strongest currency on earth, to buy gold. Offloading them while they are still worth something. Gold and silver will always have value. They are used in industry, for jewelry, as money (coins) and is easily traded around the globe. And if your countries currency plummets, who will want it ? Who would be glad of taking it in exchange for a car, or petrol, or even basics like bread and milk? Not me for one! Probably not you either. But I would take a nice little gold nugget, or a silver coin in trade for your essentials. Because I could use that somewhere else to buy something of value for myself.

There is a growing fear that the looming collapse of the US economy is closer than you might think, and picking up speed. Fortunately you can do something about it. You can start trading your Dollars for precious metals, stockpiling your own gold and silver reserve. Either take possession of it or store it in an insured vault. Or a bit of both. You can even use your retirement account to buy gold. We have compiled a host of gold, silver & platinum products from various well known & trusted precious metals dealers, including government mints, for you to browse, and if you come across something you like you can purchase direct from the dealers website. Some like bullion offer low premiums over the spot price, while others of low mintage offer the allure of rarity. Enjoy.


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